What to Wear to the Wedding

Last night my daughter’s 8-year-old friend “P” came to our house to play with my daughter and her new dolls. Afterwards P’s mom decided she would ask P if she had any questions about her friend being a lesbian. My daughter is 10 and recently came out to everyone, including all her friends.

The mom texted me the following conversation afterwards:

Mom: P, do you have any questions about your friend being a lesbian?

P: Yes.

Mom: Okay, ask me anything.

P: When lesbians get married can both of them wear gowns or does one of them HAVE to wear a tux?

* Mom answers question*

Mom: Any other questions?

P: Nope.

Mom: So you’re comfortable with everything?

P: Yep.

P was happy to hear that both brides can wear wedding dresses if they want. The mom wrote to me with pride, “that’s my girl!”

Perhaps someday what to wear to the wedding will be everyone’s biggest issue with the LGBT community.

One. person. at. a. time.