Kids are Kids – Romance of the Dolls

Recently my daughter used all her birthday money to buy more Monster High Dolls.

She couldn’t wait to get home and liberate them from their packaging. After about 30 minutes of silence she yelled from her room:

“Mom, come see how I posed the dolls! Come quick!”

All posed up and nowhere to go.

Lagoona Blue & Draculaura

She described what each doll was up to given her pose.

Clawdeen Wolf on the left is running off to meet a friend and Frankie Stein beside her is calling out to someone. I think Ghoulia Yelps with the blue hair is off to the mall to do some shopping. Cleo de Nile may be waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up to go to Gloom Beach – but Lagoona Blue kissing Draculaura is pretty self-explanatory and clearly the centerpiece of the display.

Whether it’s Ken and Barbie, Ken and G.I. Joe, or Lagoona Blue and Draculaura, kids are kids and their dolls will continue to romance one another.


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