Dreamgirl X (according to my girl)

My daughter knows her type. When we were playing with the FaceYourManga application a while back she said she was going to make a picture of her ideal girl. After careful creation this lovely gal was created.

The Dreamy Girlfriend

Dreamgirl X is definitely a variation on a couple of girls that caught my daughter’s fancy over the years.

In fact this girl looks like every doll (Barbie and otherwise) that my daughter picked out for herself between years one and three. I guess age four is when you learn from god-knows-where that you are supposed to choose dolls that look like you, not dolls you like the look of.

Interestingly, this imaginary girl also looks suspiciously like her biological dad’s long-time girlfriend. I have heard numerous declarations of how pretty, nice, affectionate, and good smelling the girlfriend is.

When I asked what this girl is like as a person she said, “she’s nice and she loves me.” That sounds like a good start to me.


One Comment on “Dreamgirl X (according to my girl)”

  1. sounds like a good place to start for me too!

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