The Sleepover Dilemma

The sleepover dilemma has kept us up more than one night. Do we let our daughter have/go to sleepovers with her female friends, particularly the girl she has a crush on?

Here Dan Savage addresses this very question. (It’s after the discussion of Michele Bachmann’s husband)

The open-minded father of a 14-year-old lesbian wonders if he should allow her to have sleepovers with her girlfriend.

Episode 249



2 Comments on “The Sleepover Dilemma”

  1. For those who are checking out the link, the relevant section starts at exactly the 5:00 mark.

  2. It’s hard to say that Savage’s “take it on a case-by-case basis” advice is helpful enough for most of us. One thing that I like is that he points out you have to weight the possibility of inappropriate behavior against the likelihood that one could stigmatize or out your child or their crushes.

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