“When Do Gay Kids Start ‘Acting Gay’?”

Slate.com article When Do Gay Kids Start “Acting Gay?” from September 2011.

This article may make some problematic connections, especially for those who argue that early childhood behavior should not be used as a indicator of a child’s future self identification. Queerty blogger Raising My Rainbow certainly got an earful about this from her commenters (look back through some of her earlier posts. Geesh.).

I do wonder how people who’ve never met our kids can make such authoritative statements . . . .

Nevertheless, this article does a nice job of furthering the argument that some children exhibit same-sex crushes before they know how to describe them. And nowadays many children are gaining the vocabulary to describe their feelings quite early, like the six-year-old son of “Amelia” (also at Huff Post). She wrote about her son’s crush on Blaine from Glee in her post “Mommy, they are just like me” over at Tumblr.


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