Haters Get Out!

Our daughter, like so many other kids her age, uses her bedroom door to express her viewpoints. Since going to Pride her door has been covered in the stickers that she picked up at the parade. Then I printed a map of the US that identifies the different conditions for same-sex union in each state for her and she taped it to her door.

Recently I saw her taping a notice, written on painters’ tape, to her door. It states: Being gay is awesome. Anyone who thinks otherwise GET OUT!

Then she used the Get Out notice made of tape to tape her rainbow flag* to the door.

That's some gay door.

Now that’s a message!

Please note the purple DON’T BE H8N ON THE HOMOS wristband from FCKH8.com hanging on the doorknob. Why be subtle?

*This dirty, wrinkled rainbow flag deserves a post of its own because it has some history. It is the rainbow flag she asked me to buy for her when she was two and a half years old and we were at the Pride parade in NYC. I saved it all these years and recently it has come to have new meaning for her.


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