We Took Our Daughter to Gay Pride

My daughter was so excited to order t-shirts from FCKH8 to wear to the pride parade. We got them a few days before the parade. Her’s read: SOME CHICKS MARRY CHICKS. GET OVER IT! and mine read SOME KIDS R GAY. THAT’S OKAY! I took a Sharpie and crossed-out OKAY and wrote in AWESOME!

When I showed her my shirt she said, “I’m a lesbian and I’m awesome!” Uh, yeah you are.

On the way there, I tried to prepare her for some of the things she was going to see at the parade like: scantily clad young men, people in drag, as well as families walking together, suggestive dancing, flamboyant costumes, excellent signs, as well as groups from businesses and church groups. I tried to explain what walking in the parade means to people, especially for men and women who have felt like they needed to wait a long time to come out. It can be powerful and affirming. It’s so powerful to be yourself in public and be celebrated for it. I explained that we are not going to the parade just to watch the people in the parade walk by us, but we have an obligation to wave and cheer and give them love right back. To celebrate them.

She was a little overwhelmed by the scale of the event. It was loud and hot and by the end she was weighted down with about twenty pounds of sparkly beads. Yet, it was so important for her to see members of the LGBT community and friends of the LGBT community crowding the streets, hooting, hollering, dancing, and loving. I was so happy that she got to see all the people stopping to say how much they loved my shirt. It was important for her to see the reactions of strangers to my message that gay kids are awesome! For just a few hours we were all in it together.


Happy Pride, y’all!


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