I Hope They Won’t Disappoint Us

I took my daughter to her first 4-H event. We hadn’t met these people before. I looked at these new people. I had to assume they are potential friends. Yet I wondered, are these people open to having a lesbian member? I listened carefully to the parents’ language for clues to their values, their affiliations, but I was still left wondering.

Will we get to know them just to have to sever our relationship with them because they are not welcoming to us?

Three years ago we lived in California during the build up to the vote on Prop 8. Over and over again I was terribly disappointed by the narrow mindedness of our neighbors. It was so hard to live with hatred and fear glaring at us from apartment windows and street corners (of course we glared back). I dread feeling that again, though I know it is unavoidable. If not in 4-H, somewhere else.

I wonder if my daughter was worrying about the same thing.


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